First post here...

Anyway, as web designers or SEOers or whatever you do, you probably get a few or lots of emails inquiring about work, services, pricing. For me the amount that actually turn into paying customers is pretty darn low. A lot of these emails are only a couple sentences long and for all I know it is just another design firm checking my prices or someone just browsing but not ready to buy.

So what do you guys do with emails that come in? I suppose if your a web only business you take them more seriously but most my work is local, word of mouth stuff, but I am really trying to branch out more. So if you have some advice on converting these inquiries into something more...

I'm torn between spending some time trying to make a sales pitch to these people, or just throw out a quick response, or should I ask to speak to them over the phone, have them fill out a questionnaire, or just have some generic template email I have prepared.

What do you guys do when you get inquiries about work? Do you only really bother with the ones that look legitimate or do you really try to make a sale with all of them. I don't have an assistant to deal with email so my time is somewhat limited.

Personally, I'm a horrible salesmen, which sadly is 90% of this business. Plenty of ****** designers have more work than they can handle because they are good with people and can make a sale. But I'm trying to get better and could use your advice if you have any.

Thanks muchly.