So a client asks me to set up Analytics on his new website I just completed. Okay no problem. I quoted a fee and was told it was ridiculous, 'analytics takes 5 minutes to set up and is free!'. So I explained that the cost included various other items other than implementing the tracking code and setting up the Google account, such as; tutorial/demonstration time, setup of custom reports, the new cookie law implementation alert/banner for acceptance, and a cookie policy & web page to go with it for further visitor information.

After some thought and calling around, the client decides he will proceed with the analytics charge (reduced) but is not willing to pay the initial price quoted as they don't see the need/want or worry in the cookie law stuff. The client says they are happy to sign a disclaimer or release of liability should any legal action arise further down the line that would keep me safeguarded and protected (though I am left with the task of producing such a document for the client to sign)...

My question is;

Is this type of scenario acceptable?
And what would you do?

a) Insist that the additional 'cookie work' is part of the job and stick to the initial price?
b) Refuse the work?
c) Or do it without the 'cookie work' and leave the client at their own risk as per their request?

How would one go about even compiling such a disclaimer/no-liability document?

PS: What would you do if existing clients with cookies refuse to pay for additional cookie law work on pre-law existing websites? Take their site down?
PPS: What do you charge for setting up GA - and how much extra have you bolted on to allow for all the additional cookie law work that is now required?