In recent years there has been a boom in mobile application development. Personally I never got involved in it. From what I understand it has to do with using X Code on the Mac, which I am not at the liberty of asking.

There must be a huge profitably market in mobile application development, one question is where this mobile market is? As far as I understand it's mainly focussed on the App Store and/or the Android Store.

In terms of creating those applications, I've also noticed there are two categorised, the gaming/recreation category and the purposeful category. e.g. like finding the quickest route, or listing the closest hotel for instance. The first catagory would be easier to maintain, however the second one would be harder as all this data changes. How would one maintain this data and keep up to date with things?

Apologize if those questions sound silly, it's just not something I've got involved in, but if it's a profitable enough I would not mind looking into this.