Dear all,

I have recently found a hole in the way I work. Currently I rarely get involved with the content, and as such content writing for the web has never been as important, with search engines outsmarting us by the day.

I am concerned on how you'd be able to get a content writer to write up the content of a website? What's the normal method. Do we simply get all their printed material, interview the clients and ask them what they do and how they hope to do it? A web designer is like an architect to a house, were as a content writer is like a painter and decorator. Not sure about you, but most people (female people) prefer to decorate their own house as not to give the control away.

The big issue with a client writing their own content is that they will miss important SEO benefits, as well as ensuring it's properly written for the web.

I would like to here people's thoughts on this matter, and hopefully I can full this hole in the way I work out.