Hello everyone,

I am building a file uploading/download section for my University. I don't have much knowledge about JavaScript or PHP (very basic, that too only if I see the code at times).

So I want it to be this way. The students go to the page and there they have about 3-4 drop down lists. First they have to choose which Engineering Department they belong to, then which semester they are in and accordingly the subjects show up, they choose the subjects, press the next or whatever button, they are redirected to a page where all the files are present.

For example: Say I want to download the notes of Data Structures from 3rd sem. So there are 3 Engineering Courses, CSE, ECE and Mechanical. I choose CSE, when I choose CSE, in the next Drop down, 8 semesters are there in the list, I choose 3rd, all the 3rd sem subjects show up in the next list, I choose DS and then I click next to go to a page or directory where those files are present.

Refer, BookMyShow site for a clear view of the picture.

Can someone post a sample code for this please taking the above example. I googled, but didn't find convincing ones since I didn't have vast knowledge about JavaScript.

Oh yeah, I am using Bootstrap from Twitter to design it. So for the dropdowns also I will use the same.

Thank You