I'm trying to assess some candidates' PHP ability, specifically some OO understanding and something applicable to the application we're writing.
I'll also throw in some multiple choice technical stuff, but I like to give them a coding task.

For the actual coding I've come up with the following. Does it make sense? Is it suitably taxing but not too much and not going to take them a week? I only want them to spend a couple of hours tops on it. I've been working on this system exclusively for so long I can't be objective about other people's understanding of it.

Consider a system with the following behaviour:

Products are listed on the web site. Each product may be sourced from a different supplier.
A customer places an order consisting of one or more products.
For the products on the order each distinct product supplier needs to receive a purchase order for those products they supply (eg products 1 and 3 order supplied by supplier A, product 2 is supplied by supplier B etc). This represents us buying the products from the supplier, and instructs them to dispatch the products.

Define a suitable class diagram representing these element.

Provide code for appropriate class methods for the following operations:
Sending the customer confirmation of the details of their order via email
Sending the products' suppliers details of the purchase order

What do you reckon?