Hi All,

I need some help with JS which is a part of a sigma grid ajax function. Here's an array with variable names as MySql table column names :
var dsOption= {

	fields :[
		{name : 'username'  },
		{name : 'full_name'  },
		{name : 'userlevel'  },
		{name : 'email'  },
		{name : 'phone'  }
	recordType : 'object'
The field 'userlevel' can be 1, 5 or 9 and I don't want to display numbers but strings like 'guest', 'member' and 'admin' respectively. My knowledge in JS is VERY modest but I simply have to modify this script... What I've done so far is :
switch (dsOption['userlevel']) {
	case 9:
		dsOption['userlevel'] = 'admin';
which doesn't seem to work... Do I need another approach maybe, could you guys please give some directions? Thank you!