Right, i've finally done it. I've finally decided what i'm going to do with the pithy domain name I spent weeks choosing and just left to sit there. I've picked a pseudo colour scheme, and even decided what the site was going to be. Then I got stuck.

The site (http://www.silicon-world.co.uk) is going to be a portal site for classic 80s cartoon enthusiasts, as well as maybe science fiction enthusiasts etc. I've had a look round loads of portal sites, and have some ideas as to what i want to put on it. For example some discussion forums, weekly polls, directories of sites etc. I'd also like to make a little money in the long term by selling advertising space on the site, but plan to build up traffic first. I also want to add some of my own content, submitted by viewers, as well as linking to other sites.

The killer question that struck me, having never designed anything remotley similar before (all the sites i've ever done where for colleges and things of that ilk!), was where on god's purple earth do i start?

It's a huge job, but i think ultimatley worth it in terms of my portfolio and experience (and hopefully pocket).

Any of you people had experience designing this type of site? Any ideas, tips, help etc would be really appreciated, as well as maybe giving me some starting points?