I'm trying to create an outline using nested ols and I need 5 levels. So far, I've got:

I. Level 1
A. Level 2
i. Level 3
a. Level 4

All of that works fine but for the 5th level, what I'd like to have is:

(i) Level 5

I tried using :before and :after to add the parentheses but all I could get was something that looks like this:

i. ) Level 5

In other words, I didn't know how to get the opening parenthesis and I also wasn't successful at removing the space between the li. and the ). Also, my preference is to not have the period after the li but I can live with the period if I have to.

Is this possible? I don't have to use :before and :after - that's just the only thing I knew to try.