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    how to target affluent searchers with adwords

    i want to setup an adwords campaign to target more affluent people. i'm thinking i should target those using apple computers or ipads. i dont care about iphones. its not the sort of product people search for on-the-fly, on-the-go.

    can i do this? if not, on a more macro level, can i at least just target safari browsers which tend to be apple people?

    also, how specific can you get with geo targeting? for example, if i just want to target people on the upper east or upper west sides of nyc, is this possible?

    please advise. thanks in advance!

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    I haven't used Adwords for years now, but as far as I remember, you certainly can limit ads to be served up only in certain areas—like cities or whatever. (I'm not sure how reliable that geolocation is, but it's prolly pretty good in most cases). You can also just ask for you ad to be shown on certain websites—so perhaps you could target ones your intended audience might be likely to visit.

    Or perhaps you could just focus on keywords like "caviar", "diamonds" and "poodles".

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