Here's a question on images and caption scaling and alignment that has me beat.

i have some pages which each displays one centered photo - as in a gallery but i put each on its own page. These photos are to be scaled to 70% of the screen height. With that I find that they fit well in lots of different screen sizes and windows, with main title above and links to next and previous pages below. Ive gat all that working fine - people with big screens get a nice big image and those with small screens can still see it all.

But I want the caption to be below the image, with its end aligned with the lower right corner. How can I make that alignment work? its easy if I know the pixel size of the image, but with the image scaling according to height (with width in proportion)I cant figure out a way to tie the alignment of the caption to the width of the image. Ive tried putting them both in a table or div, but i then seem to lose the ability to scale the image properly.

I'm using html4 with CSS. Id prefer not to need java.

cheers and thanks for any insights