Here is a peculiar case I am facing with a leading Domain Auction site. There was an expired domain up for auction at this leading site and I bid on it. I remained the highest bidder and finally won the auction. My credit card was charged for the bid amount and soon the domain was transferred in to a new account created by the auction site under a leading registrar of domains. I then got my visiting cards printed for that name, pointed the domain to the main site and began all work towards launching the site under the new name I had acquired (because I already own the .co and the .biz domains under the same name) and as this was a .com domain I bid for it as it was being released under auction.

Now comes the sad part which made me really angry not knowing how to react.

I received an email from the Domain Auction site that they are reversing the auction and the domain will be taken back from me. No specific reason was given and said that as per terms and conditions they could take back the domain as and when they want, even after I win an auction and domain is transferred in my name!!! Really, this is scary. I am really surprised that a domain name that expired in July was not renewed by the person holding it. I won the auction in late August. Around 45 days after domain had expired. And now after around 10 days of winning the auction (hence after expiry around 55 days had passed) I am told that the auction is being reversed?

Is there any legal provision through which I could claim back the domain?

Thanking everyone in advance for the suggestions they give.