Hello all,

Happy to find this site--I have a couple of sitepoint books but never investigated these forums before now...they seem as friendly and clear as the books are

I'm hoping someone might be willing to give me a little advice with my current project. Here's the overview:

Client has an existing site, example.com. Content is dated and so is the host, both have got to go. However, domain has some functioning (and often-used) email accounts, ie client-at-example.com.

I've set up a plan with a different host, one that will allow me to host multiple sites. I've already put a separate small site on it, but that's not relevant here.

I would like to build an entirely new site (wordpress) for example.com on the new host. I am trying to figure out the best way to bring example.com over with minimal disruption to the email--not so concerned about the old content.

I was thinking that maybe I would register example.net, which is available--and then construct the site using that. When the new site is ready enough for prime time I would dump both the old content and the old host and bring over example.com to replace the .net domain, but then I realized that might cause email trouble (or wordpress trouble).

Would it be better to bring the entire old site over to the new host first and then dismantle it there? Is there any way to minimize problems with shifting email accounts from one host to the other?

Any insight would be much appreciated--thanks in advance!