Anyone familiar with a free jQuery carousel called "Flexslider" developed by WooThemes? I've implemented it on a Wordpress site for a client and it displays strange behavior only in Google Chrome. I can't duplicate this behavior in IE8, IE9, FF15, or Safari for Windows. I'm most baffled by Safari since I expect the behavior to be very similar to its webkit cousin Chrome.

Anyway, whenever a transition with Flexslider occurs in a small sidebar container, the large header on the main section "grows" and retracts, as if it's getting pushed around by the hidden containers sliding by underneath. It's tough to explain, but it can be seen here using Chrome:

On that particular page, you'll notice the text "ISM CONTRACTS" will change appearance slightly during the slide transition. I'm not sure what's causing it so I have no idea where to start. Please let me know if inclusion of CSS/HTML/javascript is helpful in diagnosing.

Thank you!