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    Classic ASP-based twitter feed

    Hi All

    I've been using a mini twitter feed thing for the latest news on my site and
    it works fine, but its more of an AJAX thing and I don't think (am I
    wrong??) this is any good for search engines as the raw html page only
    contains javascript AJAX stuff to get the feed rather than the actual feed.

    I think if I could find a way to get the feed via ASP and then drop this
    into the page then the search engines will pick it up because it's just
    displayed as pure HTML - am I right?

    Does anybody know of a way to extract twitter feed content via ASP?


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    For the next six months, you could use the search API. But they just changed the rules and will be cutting off anonymous access to said API, so the widget and your app will stop working. Authentication has not been announced for the search side as far as I know.


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