Hi there,

I am about to start development on a web-based quiz and wanted to clarify some stuff to make sure it is possible.

I am hoping to have a quiz where the questions are broken up into 4 categories, and you get a score for each one. Should be straight forward enough.

The question I have is this:

I know you can use timers to limit allowed response time for the questions. I was hoping to use a timer to change the score of the questions based on how long it took to answer.

If answered in 4 seconds (add 3 points)
If answered in 8 seconds (add 2 points)
If answered in 12 seconds (add 1 point)
If answered in 16+ seconds (add 0 points)

I am wondering if this is feasible in Javascript, can you create a timer with multiple trigger times, with different effects?

Thanks in advance,