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    Question What do we need to edit please to remove the date from top of Wordpress blog posts?

    In our blog the date of the blog posts appears at the top of each blog post, next to the title (see here). This puts pressure on us to continually keep the blog updated and people think that blog posts are 'old' even though the ones from a year ago are usually as relevant today as they were in 2011.

    Just wish to call upon the Wordpress gurus out there: what do we need to edit to remove the date from the top and put it at the end of each blog post? Would be ideal if, even it was at the end, it wasn't so prominent.

    Thanks very much.
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    Assuming you have access to your theme's files, there are two places you're going to have to look:
    1. index.php. This is responsible for displaying a list of blog posts on the front page of your site.
    2. single.php. This is responsible for displaying a single blog post.
    Unfortunately, both of these files are likely to pull in a bunch of other files, depending on what is being displayed.

    Taking the standard "Twenty Eleven" theme as an example, in index.php it uses the function get_template_part()to load whichever template file has been used in the post.
    That means that it loads content.php, for posts using the standard template, content-gallery.php for posts using the gallery template, and so on ...
    So, to change the way that the date is displayed on the front page of a site using this theme, you would have to alter all of these template files accordingly.
    Inside the files, the date is displayed thus: <?php twentyeleven_posted_on(); ?>. I'm sure it'll be something similar or equally obvious in your theme.

    Single.php is less work. It just pulls in the file content-single.php.
    You would alter this in the same way.

    I hope that is understandable.

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    Even if the node for Wordprsss post date need be preserved inteh page, you can make it invisible by CSS, like:
    style="display: none;"

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    If you don't want dates on the entries then why not create pages rather than posts. When you create pages they will not have the date at the top.

    The other thing that you can do with evergreen posts is to edit old posts and change their date.
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