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    retreiving data from a MULTI- SELECT query

    Hi everyone.

    i am a little confused about this issue. i draft a query in which i used numrous select statements, within the same query; i then join each of the select statements together with a UNION ALL.

    I tested the query in the MySQL and it works. the only problem is that i dont know how to extract this information in my loop i.e
    PHP Code:
    while  ($row mysqli_fetch_array ($general_searchMYSQLI_ASSOC)) 
    it might be easier at this point if i show you what i am referring to;

    PHP Code:

    function workersmessages (  )
    select =    " SELECT  
                         COUNT( message)AS how_many
                         FROM massages
                         WHERE   (receiver_id = '7')
           union all
                         COUNT( message)AS how_many_sent
                         FROM massages
                         WHERE   ( sender_id = '7')
          union all
                         COUNT( message)AS how_many_unread
                         FROM massages
                         WHERE   (receiver_id = '7')
                         AND     (is_read = 'U')
    $query $select  ;
    $result = @mysqli_query ($dbc$query);
    the above is my MySQL function to retrive the data; below is PHP fuction to retrive the data from the function;

    PHP Code:
    $general_search    workersmessages ( );

        while  (
    $row mysqli_fetch_array ($general_searchMYSQLI_ASSOC)) 
    $how_many =safe_output(trim$row['how_many'])) ;


    you will note that the mysql query doesn't switch the column name half way through the query;accordingly the data in the SELECT statements ( after the inital one) do not have names . i therefore dont know how to call them in my loop.

    i would really appriciate any advice/reccomendations.

    warm regards

    Andreea 115

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    i already showed you how to do it --

    my advice to you is stick to one site to ask your questions on | @rudydotca
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