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    Quote Originally Posted by awasson View Post
    Hi gang,

    I'm sorry it took so long for me to say hello... I completely missed this member of the month thread

    Thank you all for the congratulations!

    @molona, I love Spain! I spent a few weeks in Fuengirola where I made little trips to Mijas, Malaga, Granada and even Seville. Then I went up to Barcelona for another week or so. When I have the chance, I will definitely come back. I'll let you know if/when I plan that trip!

    @TheRaptor, Oh I'm definitely riding the bikes... The 1985 GSXR750 has been my regular bike since I bought it, the 1989 750RR will take a while to complete but I was thinking that maybe next year I'll leave the 85 off the road and ride the 1986 GSXR750R LTD

    This is my regular bike.

    @ServerStorm, If I lived closer, I'd certainly try to help put that pump back together. I have a theory that if it came apart without breaking, it should be possible to put back together. It's an extension of a saying a good friend of mine (machinist) has: "If it was made by someone, it can be remade by someone else".

    Thanks again everyone!

    I like the bike! Thanks for the indication that you would help if distance was not so much of an issue. I think the pump did get back together by a pump pro (if there is such a person - other than you )

    Warm regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpradio View Post
    @awasson ; be weary of @molona ; invites, they are not as inviting as it seems. She just wants someone to show up and be her butler for the day, constantly serving her drinks (and if you get it wrong, DUCK, she will throw it at you!).
    Hilarious! Thanks for the warning... I was just wondering what it would be like in Madrid this time of the year. If things got too rough in Madrid, I still have a connection in Barcelona who would keep me from harms way

    I almost went to Spain in April this year.... Work had me in Morocco for a week and a half. I was invited to continue on in Spain (somewhere) but I was beat and wanted to head back home so I didn't go. Next year I may have the same opportunity. If so, I'll see what I can do about at least making a short visit.
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