I am a strong believer that you have to put yourself in your customers shoes to understand if what you're selling will sell, and continue to sell. Recently I noticed how many people in this business fail to do this.

This is the main aspect which is lacking in our field. Possible purposes of having a website include:

- place something on your business cards
- offer something to exisiting clients
- offer something extra to people who already know your website
- advertise your company and increase your brand awareness
- further enhance your companies image
- increase your sales

All might be reasons why you'd have a website, but each of those reasons would have a completely different price tag. Many would want to target more than one purpose, but again it all depends on the client.

From experience I found big conglomerate companies to want custom designs, where as small guys to focus more on internet traffic and increasing sales. In other words increasing or improving their ROI of their original site. Most people (outside their personal life), give money to make money, and a website might and can be seen in the same light (particularly amongst the small guys).

I would be interested to know people's view on this and how this has effected them on giving out proposals.