Hi all,

For the last 20 years my parents have been running there own business and its pretty well they make a living from it but for the last 5 years they have asked me to do a company website for them for the last 7 years they have Owned a domain for the business but never had a website attached to it. During this time they have built in in-house stock management inventory type of system using Lotus Approach Database System.

Last Couple of weeks ago they made a comment on when we should start working on the website i came up with couple of ideas of building a Scanner for special tags for their stuff that comes in but they thought it be wud difficult due to most/all of packs of Lumber wont have on barcode so we would have to print one off

anyway back on topic I am Just Curious as part of the website would it be good to have a desktop or web-application to Manage our stocks and what not??

As they built one that has whats in the yard and whats being stripped/destripped/machined what not for a Lumber Saw mill Company?

Would that benfit much you guys think as i know a web-based one would b easier to get updated than a desktop one??