I have two groups of Radio Buttons which are all but identical, except that one is a 5-point Scale and the other a 10-point Scale, so I need different padding for each.

Currently, I just made a copy of my code like this...

HTML Code:
	case 'LIKERT-5':
		echo "<li>
				<fieldset class='radioLikert5'>
				<legend>$articleSurveyQuestionID.) $questionStem</legend>
HTML Code:
	case 'LIKERT-10':
		echo "<li>
				<fieldset class='radioLikert10'>
				<legend>$articleSurveyQuestionID.) $questionStem</legend>
And so I have two nearly identical sets of Styles called "radioLikert5" and "radioLikert10" which seems silly.

Is there a way to create a global style called "radioGroup" which applies to both blocks of code, but then create another style called "Likert10" which I can "AND" to the main style so that I get all of style #1 plus the slight change of style #2??

(I tried this but it didn't work?!)

If I get "fancy" here, I want to be sure that I have solid Browser support for everything except maybe IE6, as I hate using fancy code which isn't well supported!!

Also, I am using only HTML4...

Is there an easy way to clean things up?