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    What's your webdesign Cheat Sheet?

    Hello guys I was just browsing SEO moz and I found a neat post about an SEO cheat sheet that one of the SEO guys was using.

    Another poster employed a similar reference except in a checklist format.
    Set Up Analytics (collected data for 2-4 weeks)
    Add Site to SEO Moz Campaigns ; )
    Log Initial Data:
    Google Pages Indexed
    Bing Pages Indexed
    Number of Backlinks
    Google Page Rank
    Alexa Rank
    Keywords Generating Free Traffic
    Traffic from Organic Search
    Register site with Google/Bing Webmaster tools
    Create XML Sitemap
    Create Robots.txt
    Register site with Major Directories
    Yahoo! Directory
    Best of the Web
    Crawl the Website
    Examine Errors
    Note Duplicate Content
    Check Pages as Search Engine
    Note Issues (Java, etc.)
    Keyword Research:
    Analyze Current Meta Tags (if applicable)
    Discover/Analyze Competitor Sites
    Target Keywords for Top Pages
    Optimize Meta Tags
    Optimize Content
    Optimize On Site Links
    Analyze Internal Linking Structure
    Link Building:
    Free/Paid Directory Submissions
    Research Opportunities
    Social Media:
    Build Optimized Profiles
    Local Search (if applicable):
    Submit to Google Places
    Submit to Yahoo Local Business
    Submit to Bing Local
    These are great little guides and I was hoping if you could help me build a similar checklist for page design. I want everything to be as tight and neat as possible. So it should include tasks such as WC3 validation, the use of microformats when needed, testing the page on multiple sized screens, multiple browsers in varying versions of those browsers, etc.


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    I pretty much found what I was looking for in a smashing magazine article:

    It's a pretty comprehensive checklist divided into 8 sections.
    1. Client-Focused Checklists and Questionnaires
    2. Pre-Launch Checklists
    3. General Web Design Checklists
    4. Usability Checklists
    5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Checklists
    6. Marketing Checklists
    7. WordPress Checklists
    8. Ultimate Web Design Checklists

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    You forgot the Hen-Wey on the end. Personal Projects Pit - Spammers welcome

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    What a great post!

    It all depends on the client and their budget, and what their expectations are of the website. If they want more traffic I start to focus more on traffic and getting more traffic in. If they want a simple website just to put on their business cards, then I give them that. SEO is not always the best and cost-effective method for all clients, this is where online marketing and advertising comes in.
    follow me on ayyelo, Easy WordPress; specializing in setting up themes!


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