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    How to implement a custom (Chess) Social Network

    I need to build a community dedicated to some sport (Chess). It will be similar to Facebook but in addition to this users profile should have additional fields to show some ranking and games history. Also there should be some interface for users to enter and track this information. Later on I will need some extra features like find a player of the same level, etc.
    Does anyone know how to implement it?

    I am thinking of two options:
    Option 1: use Ning.. But I am not sure how customizable it is. Will I be able to add new custom forms for users to keep track of score after each game?

    Option 2: create a Facebook application that allows users to show/keep track some additional info and also a group where they can communicate to each other. Here the problem is that I want to make it look like a separate community. So I am afraid that it will not be visible in Facebook as a separate community

    Thank you

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    Entering information from forms to a database then sorting for specific results is pretty well covered across the web in many tutorials for PHP or web servers but as you mentioned using 'Ning' then coding this up yourself then getting the two systems to work together could be difficult. Wordpress may have a plugin or three that does some or all of what you want for keeping track of scores. As for community elements such as forums and chat these are commonly a 'one click install' with any good web host (X10hosting allows chat scripts with their free accounts).

    Alternatively why not just set up your own group over at Personal Projects Pit - Spammers welcome


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