I need some help to understand the following: http://www.livehacking.com/2012/08/2...ploit-spreads/

One consultant says the following:
According to software giant Oracle, Java is deployed across more than 3 billion systems worldwide. But the truth is that many people who have this powerful program installed simply do not need it, or only need it for very specific uses. Iíve repeatedly encouraged readers to uninstall this program, not only because of the constant updating it requires, but also because there seem to be a never-ending supply of new exploits available for recently-patched or undocumented vulnerabilities in the program.

The developer of our's School's system management system however tells me that we have nothing to fear as JavaScript is separate from the java VM. Does this mean that in order to be secure, rather than disabling JavaScript in our browsers we can simply make sure that we uninstall all JAVA packages on our machines?