Dear forum members,

I'm tasked to find a suitable CMS to build a ecommerce portal.

The reason is that my boss wants nothing from scratch. And it allows non-technical people to be able to upload whatever products categories, images and descriptions up without any programming knowledge.

Alas, I'm really limited in this knowledge.

Have been reading up and tinkering with Magento quite awhile but it's just too complicated for me.

Basically, I thought as long as I get a company that sells a Theme to install this part, then an extension company to help install their extensions which serve my needs and that is pretty much I have to do. But, even before buying the extension, I'd still need to set up the basic theme first before I can do anything right?

Anyway, I hope to find out whether there's any CMS that is ASP-based, preferably not too costly.

Would appreciate some answers from the forum.

Thanks alot!