I'm getting to launch a website project and I'm trying to get a handle on the license side of things. In my project I make use of different creatures with different licenses: jquery with an MIT license and some CSS incorporated from a Word Press theme which has a GNU license are two examples. In addition, the crux of my site will involve written material from academics that can be freely shared as long as it's not for commercial gain and they get credit (Creative Commons license). To top it all off, though there's nothing "special" about my code (I haven't extended jquery in any way, for example) -- the "process" of my website is unique, has commercial value, and is something that I'd like to protect.

So, my question, then, is whether I can have different licenses for different aspects of my project? Can I legally copyright my "site-concept" and the code that I wrote to create it, while allowing users access to freely copy (for example) the CSS piece?

Thanks so much,