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    Smile Fastclick estimate!

    Hi to all,
    First post here. I found more great information here in two hours than other groups in 12 months. Great group!

    After much reading in here I applied to fastclick and was approved for an account. My website is just under a year old
    (as you will see I am very HTML challanged)The website is about 140 pages with about 30 of them indexed, overall ranking is page 1 number 5 for about 20 top level keywords.
    Very rich in content and geard for recreational vehicle sales, and I'm now adding a bookstore for affliates.

    And finaly my question for the amount of traffic I get would it be worth signing on to fast click. I'm thinking to add 460 banners and pop-unders to about 40 pages.

    I'm not sure how to estimate all the numbers inaddition i'm not sure of the proper nomenclature to figure it all out

    7/24/2002 to date I've received 1,528,155 accesses 64,381 visits and can't tell for sure about unique visitors. I think my aveage monthly visit count will be 25k, next 12 months. Could you good folks help me figure this out
    My stats URL is
    Very open to suggestions and criticism. Thanks in advance

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    You'll probably make around $50/month with fastclick.


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