I'm not looking for a bunch of grade school replies because I know alot of people here are young. I'm curious to know how many of the older people have gotten Bachelors/Masters/Doctorates/Certificates/Associates/ etc.

I go to Michigan State University and their computer science program is really outdated. They infact have not 1 course related to the internet. So I really dont know what I want to do here, I do not want to move but I dont think I'll get what I want at MSU.

I've looked high and low for some sort of distance learning webmaster program and I've found a good one.


Now Penn State has an excellent program for the internet. Its separate from computer science and called Information Systems Technology. If I wanted to move I'd move to PA in an instant and major in that. However I dont but Penn State does offer a webmaster certificate through its distance learning program. Whats more is that I could breeze through it.

See I'm not looking to learn something new, I'm looking to get a piece of paper that makes me more attractive to employers. I think this is a good option for that, make my education official instead of self taught.

So that brings me back to my original question, for the older people here, how many of you have degrees or certificates and do you think you could have gotten your current job without it? Is college now just a technicality?