I've been staring at this code for awhile now and can't seem to see what it is I've overlooked. I'm attempting to build an array out of a database query, all the data is returned just as I expect it to, but in trying to build the array to use later in the code to compile the results into a table my code instead dumps all the results to the screen on my webpage.

Any suggestions as to what I am missing would be greatly appreciated. Below is the code I am using to retrieve the data (that works perfectly) then populate the array. Instead of populating the array however it is just dumping to the browser.

// Run the query against the database and process the results
$EmpReportResult = mysqli_query($db_server, $SQLEmpReport) or die("Unable to request employee list: " . mysqli_error());
while ($EmpReportRow = mysqli_fetch_array($EmpReportResult))
// First concactenate the employee name to single variable
$FullName = $EmpReportRow['Last_Name'] . ", " . $EmpReportRow['First_Name'];
// Then build the employee array
$Emps[] = array(
'empnum' => $EmpReportRow['Employee_Number'],
'fullname' => $FullName,
'phone' => $EmpReportRow['Phone'],
'strate' => $EmpReportRow['ST_Rate'],
'otrate' => $EmpReportRow['OT_Rate'],
'dtrate' => $EmpReportRow['DT_Rate'],
'actualst' => $EmpReportRow['ActualST'],
'actualot' => $EmpReportRow['ActualOT'],
'actualdt' => $EmpReportRow['ActualDT']