i dont know if there is such a thing out there, but my client needs a revamp on his site and is looking for something with more current options the the industry uses. he is currently using open-realty, a very old version that was free.

some things on the wish list would be:
1. listing interface of course
2. the option to have a mobile friendly version of the site that is not a separate script, so it does all the funtions of the full site, just stripped down to be mobile friendly.
3. a full blown site where it is also a complete cms solution would be a major plus. so all site updates and pages can be edited by office staff.
4. the option of downloading and uploading of mls info is not needed, but if its included, that would be another plus.
5. working on the idea of having the entire site being a cms solution, the ability to be able to create custom forms with captcha would be a major plus.

for my needs:
1. i am not a programmer by any means, so somthing that is very easy to template would be a advantage for me
2. i am not looking for a remotely hosted solution. something that can be installed on my php (cpanel/whm) platform
3. if there is such a thing to get all these options as open source, thats ok with me, but i am not shying away from a paid script at all. if its going to do everything we need it to do and make it easy for me to set it up for them, we are willing to pay (within a resonable budget).

those are the major priorities we are looking for, of course, more options are better, but as of right now, this is what we are in absolute need of.

i have done a little bit of research on this, and i cant get clear answers if the wp plugin can do all this. especially the mobile version.

thanks for any suggestions.