I'm using and ajax call with multiple fields

temp1='v1'; temp2='12'; temp3='Mary'; temp4='2'; temp5='A-'; temp6='unknown';
    type: 'POST',
    url: 'process.php',
    data: {
		version: temp1,
		sessionnumber: temp2,
		name: temp3,
		numofhours: temp4,
		testresult: temp5,
		gradepointaverage: temp6     
    success: function(_log) {
and in process.php
$received = '<div>Data received for ' . $name .' '.$testresult. '</div>';
echo $received;
I want to append to $('#readout') a whole new set of data calculated off what was just sent. Such as a gradepointaverage calculated off other scores in mysql for that $name plus a new issued sessionnumber.

Would anyone know how to mod this code so I am sending back multiple fields?
Is it possible to originate an ajax call from the php end at a later point in time?