I don't consider myself a pro web designer, not even close to that but I wanted to share my opinion about the never-ending war between the web designer community (especially CSS) and Internet Explorer. I would also like to hear what others think about this.

Whenever I visit the forum, I see many new threads about IE issues. It is the same on other web design forums as well. My observation is that a lot of web designers are trying really hard, spending a lot of time and effort to satisfy IE 8, IE 7 or even IE 6. I stopped worrying about older browsers a long time ago because it simply doesn't make sense to me to waste my precious time trying to make my website look the same on all available browsers. As long as the functionality is not broken, I would never spend a minute worrying about "how my website will look on IE 6".

Really, I don't think the people who are still using IE 7, 6 or even the older versions give a sh.t about how a website looks. If they did, they would have upgraded their browsers long time ago. Even if you make the perfect site that will look the same on all web browsers, that will be meaningless to the visitors.

So, what is your reason for spending your valuable hours on IE? You see this as a challenge? You are perfectionist? You have huge traffic from older IEs? I really would like to hear opinions on this, maybe there is something that I am not aware of.