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    Angled split menu at one page site

    Im searching for the answer more than a half a year, bud did not get any solution. So if anyone could help me, i will really appreciate it.

    I am making a one page portfolio. The content of the site will be horizontal scrollable, only the menu is fixed. The first 2 pages are black and last one is white. But the 3rd page is half black and half white, it's kind a seperator of the two backgrounds. So my problem is, that i need a color changer on the horizontal line, which will change the color of the menu, when the content will change from black to white background and the menu from the white to black font color.


    Here is some test without the solution:


    I also found some solution, which i think is one of the best but i can go any further. Here you can see the solution:

    The menu is made out of images, so it can be suported by all browsers and will also contain the menu and the logo.
    The website will be horizontall scrollable and it will contain 4 sites. The first two are black and the last one is white, but the 3rd page is half black half white - here comes the angled split. The content is differend on each site, only the menu should be fixed and same on all sites.

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    One way to "cheat", that comes to mind, would require your text (images) to be white text with a thin black border (or vice versa).
    In that way, no matter what color is behind the letters (assuming the background of your image/text was transparent) they would be visible.
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