I would like to create a site (ideally thru wordpress) that is pretty much a big public gallery. It pretty much would be a site where a user would go to upload an image and it instantly be uploaded to our photo album and it can be viewed by visitors. If a link can be generated for that user to share the image that would be a plus. Adding a caption and users being able to rate photos would be great. Im aiming this more at phone users. How would i go about making this happen with a phone. Example I take picture upload straight from phone to gallery (if there is an app or addon that would be great as well). Is there an addon say thru instagram?

Thanks for reading and ANY! input would be greatly appreciated. I looked at the Photosmash plugin and that seems pretty much what I am looking for, but doesnt allow for photos be uploaded thru phone, and has no more support as its been discontinued. Once again thanks for any help!