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Thread: Meta Help

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    Ian Alexander
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    Meta Help

    I just read the "15 META Tricks" article and now I've got some questions.

    Right now, this is all I have on my site

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

    I've used Dreamweaver to build the site. I've been reading about keywords and descriptions and everything but I not sure whether they would help me or if they would hurt.

    My understanding is that Google goes and checks my ranking mainly by text, alt tags, image names, etc.

    To complicate things, I use a template system in DW which doesn't allow me to individually change the head of the document by individual file. Basically if I modified anything in the head, it would replicate through every page.

    Maybe that's good...(ie. easy) but I'm wondering if using the same description for everything would be bad or good.

    Would I use a general site description? If I was to do this, would it change much?

    I've got some very good results (with Google) with the pages done exactly as they are.

    Anybody have any advice?

    The site is

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    I wouldn't worry about it.

    The only search engine still using meta tags to index pages is Inktomi (and I'm told they are phasing these out), Google and the other major SE's don't use Meta Tags.

    You can add a general description etc if you want - the only way it will hurt you is by increasing your file size

    Good luck

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    Ian Alexander
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    Will it help any?

    Will the description help any?

    Do any search engines weight depending on that or is that just for the description you read when you search for a site?


    If I was to use a description is it bad to use just one or should they all be seperate depending on the page?

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    Just some simple description that can describe your site or the current page, no need to worry too much coz it wont be weighted too much in SEs.

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    Google doesn't index based on meta tags anymore. It's theory is that if your users cant see the content of the tags, then why should it index based on them.

    You should goto and use the "term suggestion tool" to find 5 keywords/phrases that are popular for your site, such as "bmw cars", "bmw pictures", etc and integrate them into your page title, <h1> tags, etc -- this will give you the best ranking on Google.

    Another trick is to also buy adWords -- just cheap ones, as they will boost your ranking quicker because sites with adWords take ranking precedence to those that dont
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