I discovered to my horror the other day that our cross-browser problems are not over on mobile devices..

was testing my site on a friend's Windows phone and found it didn't support the <details> tag... then a few days later found same thing on an Android phone, it does not support the <details> tag either... and I thought all mobile devices supported all HTML5 tags.. man, what was I thinking? so is there a reference somewhere of what mobile devices support what HTML5 tags?

here, http://www.w3schools.com/html5/tag_details.asp
they say what browsers support the <details> tag, but this only refers to regular browsers, not mobile browsers right? (or am I wrong?)
I never paid much attention b/c was developing for just mobile, and I just automatically assumed all mobile browsers supported all HTML5 tags.. oh brother...

so is there a place where I can look up what mobile devices support what HTML5 tags?

thank you..