I have some code which is not created by me. It comes from a credit card service. The text input fileds for cc number, expiry date month/Year and CCV all have the same class. They do have different names.
I need to change the width of the month / year fileds so that the fit next to each other. A little more CSS may be needed too. The problem is they all have the same class so I can't use that to affect only 2. Can I use the name?

<input class="intra-field-label" type="text" name="expiry[month]" maxlength="2" value="" size="2">
<input class="intra-field-label" type="text" name="expiry[year]" value="" maxlength="2" size="2">
Also even if I do change the size of all of them they change back when they ge focus. What causes that and how do I fix it?
If you want to see it in action go here (no I did not design it!) http://www.smyrnaheroesgala.com/prod...ontribute-100/
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