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Also, I'm going away from the topic of this thread
That's sad. You make a statement that confuses someone, that someone asks you to explain what you mean, and then you leave. Stay! I think you made a nice point.

Or did you mean you were straying off-topic, not leaving the thread? That's okay too.
The whole point of this part of the forums is to talk, so it's not like it's restricted to super-on-topic like the rest of the forums are.

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Being a foreigner is advantage - you have greater life experience and knowledge of multiple cultures.
I think Eugene means, if you are in a country/place where you are the foreigner, than you have experienced at least more than just your own native culture, but also the culture where you are foreign.

Take your example: you were aware of Dutch culture, and now you are living in Italian culture. So you've been exposed to at least two cultures now, since you are now technically a foreigner. Though the distinction of "foreigner" gets weird with kids who grow up all over the place. They're foreign even in the land they were born in, and native to all sorts of places.