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To any non-native English speakers: How is this problem for you when it comes to people who don't speak your language perfectly? How is it when an American butchers Dutch, Chinese, German, or French?

The thing is that many people whose native language isn't English are decently educated in at least one other language. I can only speak for Germany, obviously, but nobody here expects someone whose native language isn't German to be 100% accurate and proficient in it. Not everyone has linguistic talent, so to conclude someone's stupidity from the lack of being good at one very specific discipline is a very abstract notion to subscribe to...

When I read some of the responses here (and elsewhere), it seems that many native English speakers expect you to be proficient in English (their language), and when you're not, you'll be exposed to mockery because you're thought of as being illiterate or simply dumb, something I find immensely arrogant, irritating, and utterly fatuitous.

Not everyone is that way, thank goodness, but quite a few are and it's just really, really, well, "silly", to put it diplomatically.