Hello everyone,

In my page I have a function that takes in a parameter and passes that value to the jquery's getScript function.
Here is an example

Code JavaScript:
function getRoute(routeNumber){
   $.getScript('http://www.mySite.com/Scripts/Route' + routeNumber + '_trace.js',function(){
      var routeInfo = routeTrace // routeTrace is defined in the dynamically formed javascript.

The javascript file being called would contain something as simple as this.

Code JavaScript:
    var routeTrace = "96,bus,46.123456,96.123456";

In Firefox and Chrome, routeInfo does return the correct values. In IE6+, routeInfo returns undefined.
Obviously this is a cross browser issue and I went through numerous topics and found no solution.

Firefox and Chrome executes as expected with the callback function being called after the script has loaded.
IE6+ on the other hand behaves differently. Help is greatly appreciated.