Hello DP'ers,

Im searching video recording program, that can record desktop activity (to make tutorial etc.) with ability to record sound from the inside computer (not from outside - with microphone) - and one important thing - i do not need to record cursor activity.

I have tried Debut, but its recording my mouse cursor too, and i searched and did not found where to turn it off.

I have tried Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture, but free version only limits to a 10 minutes of the record per single session. And upgrade is quite expensive.

Any other suggestions? I would prefer free, but would consider paid too.

p.s. please also suggest not very difficult video editing software also. All i need is to stitch several videos, add transitions in those places, ability to place image watermark, write some titles, add soundtrack.

Thank you very much for reading,
Hope you can give some ideas, which will be greatly appreciated!