If I wanted to build my first Mobile App to send a simple notification/web-link to notify Members that there is new content on my website...

1.) What tools would I need?

2.) What knowledge would I need?

3.) How long would it take to build?

(**Disclaimer: I have never owned a cell-phone or mobile device, and am pretty clueless about the whole realm, yet part of me is curious about catching up with the modern world...)

I suppose what I would like is some simple version of RSS for Mobile Members. (Although I don't care about the XML part, per se.) For example, you could go to my website and subscribe to "Content Topics" (e.g. Small-Business IT, Finance, Management, Marketing), and then when I publish a new Article in an area you set your preferences to, then I would e-mail/send your mobile a simple message that says, "This is a new article about Small-Business Finance that you may be interested in... It is called 'Cash is King: Keeping Your Operations Liquid!!"

The mobile user would click on the link and be able to read the Article.

Can someone help this non-Cell-Phone/Mobile dork get started?!