I am looking for some help identifying a product architecture for a web based application that we will be developing, specifically help with the GUI component.

We are trying to create an interface similar to an object based approach that I have seen before (Firewalls such as Checkpoint use it, also some CRM type apps that do process and workflow).

Rather than creating this functionality as part of our application we are looking for some form of framework or tool-kit that can provide it and that can be utilized in conjunction with conventional development languages and tools such as (PHP, Java) or (.Net C++, C #).

The principle is that users can select different types of objects to represent a wide range of aspects of an organization (locations, buildings, departments, systems, applications etc), that these can be linked together in order to establish relationships and to establish a hierarchy, and that rules can be applied to objects or groups of objects to specify an action.

What is really important is that if a user were to modify the link between objects, that all of the references to that link would automatically be updated.

We will need to be able to display both the objects and the relationship between objects (assuming some form of link) and allow the user to create, edit and delete the objects directly.

We have looked at LDAP as a potential solution but this does not provide the GUI we had hoped for.

Appreciate it if someone can point us in the right direction.