OK, I've been playing with the CSS for awhile, and while I am getting close, I know there must be an easier way. Basically I am trying to get a layout that was previously done using tables, rewritten to properly utilize CSS. I'm beginning to wonder, if maybe at least a small part of this should remain as a table?

It's a navigation type of page, header and footer (no problems there as they span the entire page width). But the center part, I am attempting to get a narrow left column (for some icon based "master" navigation). And the content to the right of that would be in a 3x2 (different heights for all 3 columns) layout. I'm still getting myself comfortable with CSS but figured out that the only way to really get my head fully into it, is try to get things like this to function.

Would I be wrong to use a table in the right hand side of the content section? (the 3x2 area) or is there a way to get CSS to nicely handle all this.

Here is basically what I have at the moment:

Single div for the icon navigation floated left followed by 6 independent div's, all floated left, with their width's defined so that they stack 3 on top of each other.

Any suggestions feedback would be greatly appreciated!