Over the last 9 years, I have built a custom PHP framework, with AJAX and JQuery UI, and with it, a public-facing marketing website and a back-end web application for members. There are currently 48k lines of mostly object-oriented PHP 5, ~9k lines of javascript, and 120 MySQL tables. I built my own framework as CakePHP and CodeIgniter weren't full-featured or fast enough in my opinion 9 years ago. The PHP is very well-structured, with a good, descriptive naming convention for variables, classes and methods, and but sparsely documented. It is sort of MVC, but the V & C are mainly combined.

I am now the bottleneck of the company as I can no longer keep up with the demand for new features. I need someone to help me code, as well as a complete review of the LAMP configuration and health, as I am not an expert in those but have set them up myself.

I wish to keep too many people from having access to the entire code-base as it embodies much of the company's structural capital.

Should I hire coders in-house (there would definitely be enough work for them), hire individual contractors for long-term commitments, or out-source to a large off-shore firm?