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    business card illustrator file from 99design


    I started a contest on 99designs for a business card. I have selected the winning design. The designer sent me files but I'm not sure what to do with the files. I have a .ai file and .eps file. Both seem to be identical when opened in Adobe illustrator. I have a few questions.

    1. Both give me an error when opening which looks like this:
    Why does that message pop up? If I just press ok, the file opens fine so should I be worried?

    2. One .ai file contains 4 graphics:
    1) The front
    2) The back
    3) The front again labeled "For Print" (and I noticed the text is not editable)
    4) The back again labeled "For Print" (and I noticed the text is not editable)

    Is the file I received normal? I expected to receive two files one of the front and one of the back. That would make it easy to upload to a print site. Now I'm guessing I need to crop out the print front card and crop out the print back card then upload it?

    Also, I can change the text on the editable card but when I try to change the text on the "for print" card, I can't. It lets me select it but it acts more like a vector shape than font. So how would I re-generate the print cards from the editable ones?

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