Hello All,

I am a PHP & Java developer (and basic Linux sysadmin) from the UK. I am currently working full time as an employee of a company but feel like I am stuck in somewhat of a rut and am interested in moving into freelancing, doing web and hopefully also mobile development.

The problem is that the rising cost of living in the UK is killing me, it is starting to seem like you need to earn rather a lot of money here in order to have a good quality of life and being able to own my own house seems like a pipe-dream at the moment.

An idea that I am starting to consider, would be to move elsewhere in the EU to somewhere with a lower cost of living, Poland for example. I believe that as an EU citizen I shouldn't have any problems with work permits etc.

My idea would be to register a business in the UK and get a UK phone number (via a VOIP service) and focus my business on serving mainly UK based clients but do my work from abroad where it is cheaper to live. I am hoping that my fluent english skills would allow me to charge more money than other foreign freelancers but still be cheaper than most freelancers from the UK.

I have done some googleing on this subject , but haven't come up with anything about anybody else who has tried a similar plan, I am wondering if there is anybody here that has done anything similar?

The problems that I forsee would be that Tax could be very complicated and also that for services such as hosting and advertising (adwords etc) as well as electronic products I would still end up paying UK prices which might suddenly look very expensive in comparison to everything else.

I would be very appreciative if anybody has any insight or advice about this kind of thing, even better if somebody has done anything similar succesfully (or unsuccesfully).