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    Starting point needed

    I've been tasked to switch this page ( ideally to a flexible layout, or at least use media queries to pare down the content for mobile users... as I'm a programmer and not a designer, I'd really appreciate a few pointers... I get the sense I'm better off starting from scratch, but I've had that bad idea before.

    Thanks in advance,
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    I don't think it should be too hard to make that page a little more flexible. The middle content area could be given a % width, for example, and you could set some break points in the CSS with media queries to make things drop when the browser width gets too narrow to fit them site by site. You could also set that header image to width: 100%, so that it would scale with the browser width. But yes, it is easier to do this from scratch. You could use the same design and rebuild it with these points in mind.


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