I'm trying to make input form where I have 4 inputs on different rows. I need to have 2 inputs on a row so then there will be only 2 rows.
I know I could do this by having them in 2 divs & setting one to float left & other to right but its a lot of HTML & I've always used tables for this as it was easier to have alternating row colors .
What is the right way to go about for forms & also this case? Thanks.

label	{float: left;display: block; margin-right:1em;width: 10em;text-align: right;}
input	{font-size:1.2em; border:solid #e6e6e6 1px; color:#217ECA;}

<p><label>Label 1:</label ><input type="text"  /> </p>
<p><label>Label 2:</label ><input type="text" /></p>
<p><label>Label 3:</label ><input type="text" /></p>
<p><label>Label 4:</label ><input type="text"  /></p>